Getting Started with Care Paths

CarePaths is comprehensive mental health practice software system that can address all the needs of a solo practitioner, a group practice, an Independent Practice Association (IPA) or hospital based mental health clinic. In addition, it meets the Health Level 7 (HL7) security transmission standard for health care data exchange. This standard of use is required by law. CarePaths is a practice management company owned and operated by mental health professionals; a system designed for mental health. CarePaths is working with AMHA to co-create features that serve the objectives of Independent Practice Integrated Care regulations. WOMHA and AMHA members receive a discount on the monthly cost of CarePaths.

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Setting Up CarePaths

New Client Process Flow

Submitting Claims

CarePaths Short Cuts After Initial Set Up

CarePaths Video: How to add AMHA Supernote 4 to Staff Documents

CarePaths Video: How to link the Supernote to the appointment type

CarePaths Video: Completing the Supernote and Required Fields

CarePaths Video: How data rolls over from previous chart note to the most recent

CarePaths Video: How to access and use an Integrated Care Note